Premium Firewood And Cookwood For Restaurants And Your Home.


Premium Firewood and Cooking Wood

We provide premium firewood and cooking wood to everyone including homeowners, backyard BBQ'ers and professional pitmasters. Our products are custom designed to meet your needs whether you are looking for the perfect fire for your fireplace or if you are looking to smoke some brisket BBQ. At ButlerWood, we source the best firewood and cooking wood such as post oak, pecan, mesquite, hickory, apple, and cherry.


leading BBQ WOOD SUPPLIER for Restaurants in Texas

ButlerWood specializes in providing a consistent product with dependable service for our Restaurant customers. We have vertically integrated our supply chain and now source all of our own wood and have in-house trucking and logistics services. We know that moving large quantities of wood on a consistent basis can be a challenging task, and we are confident that we can meet your needs. We service every state in the US and can arrange for out of country shipping for both commercial and consumer use.

What also sets us above other smoking wood suppliers is the fact we source our own wood from our land clearing services. This allows us to be more environmentally friendly by recycling the cleared wood rather than simply getting rid of it as other land clearing services would.



Never ordered wood online before,But This the place to get it ! The wood we got got was split really uniform ! Very easy sizes to work with. AAA+++ Will order from again for sure Thank you

Craig Benson
Purchased - Mesquite Cook Wood Box


It’s great to be able to smoke meat with wood, instead of propane.

Thank you for the quick shipping and great service over the internet.

Sergio Buenrostro
Purchased - Pecan Cook Wood Box

Bought my first load of wood (Pecan & Post Oak) from Butler wood. Very happy with the quality and consistency of the splits. Packaged well and appears well seasoned. Will definitely buy from them again as I can’t these varieties locally. Thanks!

Sam Scamardo
Purchased - Pecan Cook Wood Pallet

Wood burn’s efficiently. Best ever bought. Size as advertised.

Purchased - Pecan Cook Wood Box

Great Product! It came exactly as described

Stuart Willis
Purchased - Apple Cook Wood Box

I ordered a box of the mesquite cookwood. It arrived in sturdy neat packaging, and the wood cuts were extremely consistent. This is my new go to for my higher end cooking wood!!

Kevin M
Purchased - Mesquite Cook Wood Box


ButlerWood is located in Central Texas - allowing us to source the best wood from the best regions, and efficiently deliver it to your place of business in a timely manner. We focus on your Burn Rate so that you never run out of wood.
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Under the Texas Sun

Our Cooking wood is naturally aged

Our wood is naturally aged in the Texas sun and prior to shipment, it is heat treated to a minimum interior temperature of 160 degrees F for at least 75 minutes as outlined in USDA treatment schedule T314-c. All regulated wood products have been treated in accordance with Texas Compliance Agreement No TDA-538, TDA-534 & TDA-540.
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