Heat treatment

Treatment: T314-a Heat treatment: USDA-APHIS-PPQ Treatment Program Manual Protocol T 314-a (Hardwood and Firewood Treatment)

  1. Heat treatment procedures may employ steam, hot water, kilns, or any other method that raises the temperature of the center of the wood to at least 160°F (71.1 °C) and maintains the center temperature for at least 75 minutes.
  2. A diagram of the treatment facility to include at a minimum: dimensions, capacity, circulation fans, heat input location, and door locations should be recorded, and made available to the Texas Department of Agriculture when requested.
  3. The temperature monitoring equipment (thermocouples, temperature data loggers, etc.) must be accurate to within+/- 0.5 °C (0.9 °F) at the treatment temperature, capable of collecting temperature data at least once every five (S) minutes and recording or storing data for 30 days. The temperature monitoring equipment must be calibrated. In addition, if a permanent temperature recording system is used, the system must be recalibrated when any part or portion of the system is repaired or replaced.
  4. Temperature monitoring equipment must be able to provide a record of the treatment that identifies each sensor and indicates time and temperature.
  5. Internal wood product temperatures shall be obtained and verified by sensors located in the larger pieces of firewood, or piles, stacks or containers of wood chips or chunks at representative locations. The number of temperature sensing elements required per load will vary with the size of the load. The minimum requirement is four (4) sensors- one (1) for measuring air temperature and three (3) for measuring internal wood or wood product temperature. For loads greater than 5,000 ft3 (142 m3) of wood, a minimum of one additional sensor for measuring internal wood temperature must be provided for each additional 2,000 ft3. At least one sensor shall be placed in a large firewood piece or inserted into the stack of wood chip or wood chunk pile in a portion of the load furthest away from initial heat circulation. Sensors will be placed in pre-drilled holes to measure core wood temperature of firewood. Probes are to be sealed into each hole with putty (electricians putty is recommended) to prevent reading ambient air temperature. Other recording arrangements may be considered if approved by TOA.
  6. Begin treatment when aU the temperature sensors reach the threshold temperature of 160° F (71.1 ° C). Treatment will be complete when all temperature probe readings are at or above the threshold temperature for the entire 75 minutes.

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