4 Types of Wood To Use for a Delicious Wood-Fired Pizza

4 Types of Wood To Use for a Delicious Wood-Fired Pizza

Many people cook their pizzas with wood because the wood adds subtle notes of flavor. However, the wood you use needs to be dry and double split (smaller in diameter) to control the fire inside the oven and reach the high temperature required to cook pizza. ButlerWood suggests using the following types of wood for a delicious wood-fired pizza.


Are you looking to try Neopolitan style pizza? When you live in Texas, you MUST try cooking your pizza with post-oak wood. It’s a popular tree grown right here in our home state! Post-oak gives a mild oak flavor to your pizza. Oak is popular for wood-fired pizza because it’s dense and reaches the high temperatures necessary for cooking pizza.


When you want to add depth to the flavor of your pizza, consider cooking with pecan wood. Pecan wood comes from a fruit tree and is best used when mixed with other wood species. This is because pecan will not burn as hot as other species of wood. For example, incorporating pecan with post-oak will add the rich nutty flavor of pecan while the heat from the post-oak ensures your pizza is fully cooked.


Another type of wood to use for a delicious wood-fired pizza is hickory because it’s one of the hottest-burning hardwoods. Pizza ovens need high temperatures to keep the crust light and fluffy yet cook the toppings and cheese—hickory ensures you reach this temperature in your oven. While hickory burns similarly to post-oak, it provides a sweeter, smokier flavor to your pizza, so try this wood next time you feel like experimenting with different flavor profiles in your pizza.


Pizza cuisine originates from Italy, and olive is one of the most authentic types of firewood for cooking pizza. Olive trees grow slowly, which makes the timber extremely dense and hard—harder than post-oak! Because of the density of olive wood, it reaches the ideal temperature for cooking pizza effortlessly. Not to mention, it adds a subtle flavor like oak, yet it doesn’t overpower the flavors of your pizza.

In conclusion, ButlerWood has many types of wood for sale on our website. If you had to choose a wood to start with on our list, post oak wood is one of the best because it’s well-rounded and adds subtle flavors while reaching the necessary temperatures to cook your pizza. You don’t need to cook your pizza the same way every time; consider experimenting with the other species on this list to see which wood you and your family prefer.