How To Become a Backyard Barbecue Master

How To Become a Backyard Barbecue Master

Many people take pride in their cooking skills and the quality of the items they cook on their grill or smoker. But you may not be content with being “average” or “just okay” when it comes to your barbecuing skills. Instead, you would like to transform yourself into a BBQ virtuoso. Here are some steps on how to become a backyard barbecue master.

Determine Your Needs

A painter has a brush; a sculptor has a chisel, and you have a grill or smoker. It is best to have one that is in good shape for your event. That way, you won’t have to worry about it failing or falling apart when you are cooking for a backyard full of hungry people.

When you look at the different types of smokers that are available, consider an offset, which has a box set aside for the fire so that the heat and smoke can move into the cooking chamber. You can also get a vertical smoker, which puts the heat source underneath the chamber. This type takes up less space on your patio and requires less fuel.

Make the Decision

You also need to choose the fuel you will use. If you choose wood, you’re choosing a source that is all-natural, provides flavors that enhance your food, easily ignites, and burns for a long period of time. You also get the benefit of enjoying the aromas while you cook, which will make your job as the barbecue master a whole lot more enjoyable.

You can also find the wood in a range of varieties, including pecan cooking wood. This allows you to select what different tastes you want to impart to your guests that will make their eating experience more memorable.

Get the Tools for the Job

You also need to have the right tools to become a backyard barbecue master. These tools will help you work your magic on the grill. You will need tongs and skewers for handling meat and vegetables and a meat thermometer to tell you if you have fully cooked your meal.

You can also look into other items, such as smoker boxes or rotisserie kits. These will allow you to add more variety to your backyard cuisine and leave your guests wanting even more.

Check Your Supplies

Now that you have chosen your grill, it is time for you to ensure you have enough supplies for the big day. Check to see if you have enough wood for the event. You will look silly if you get halfway through cooking your food and must run out to the store because you have nothing left to finish barbecuing with.

Focus on Your Food

You also want to ensure you serve quality food that does not leave your friends and neighbors with unhappy stomachs. You need to prepare your meat and vegetables so that they are ready to shine even before they touch the grill.

You may have to marinate the meat beforehand or rub in spices that will add to the flavor. This step is essential to impress your guests with your cooking prowess, so you should take full advantage of it.

Prepare Your Space

Your ability to make a good impression on your friends and family goes beyond merely cooking a tasty meal. You should also decorate your home and backyard and set up extra chairs and tables so everyone is comfortable. Make sure to set up your smoker down-wind of your guests.

After all, you want to make your guests feel like they are entering a fun atmosphere where they can relax and blow off some steam. If you make your home inviting and welcoming, they will be happy that you went the extra mile for them.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Extra Food

You should also stock your party with extra snacks and beverages. You can’t expect your guests to eat barbecue for the entire afternoon or evening, and you probably won’t want to either. Make sure you put out extra sides and snacks for everyone to enjoy, and tell people they are free to bring their own side dishes. Your friends and family will appreciate that you gave them the opportunity to contribute to the gathering.

Make Your Event Entertaining

Although there will be plenty of conversation during the party, you should also keep your guests entertained during your barbecue. You may have to break out games for guests to play or even turn on a baseball or basketball game on your flat-screen TV that everyone can watch. It’s no fun for anyone if things slow to a quiet halt.

Take Safety Precautions

You want to take some safety measures when cooking on the grill or smoker. For example, you should always stay close to the grill to prevent children or pets from bumping into it and getting burned. Make sure to also position the grill in a safe place away from walkways and fire hazards.

It’s also smart to avoid wearing loose clothes that may drag into the flames of the grill and catch fire. You should also be a responsible chef and make sure your meat is properly cooked before you serve it by using a meat thermometer.

Keep Your Grill Clean

After you are done grilling for the day, you may think you have nothing to do. Instead, you must clean your grill. A true backyard master does not want have future guests wondering about the dirt and grime in their food. Clean your grill with a wire brush and a food-safe cleaning solvent of your choice after you are done cooking, and the grate is still warm but not hot enough to burn you. Also, make sure to remove the ash from the firebox after every use.

It might seem like there are a lot of steps on how to become a backyard barbeque master, but the process of becoming a master of anything is never easy. When you become a pro BBQ chef, you will not only be better at cooking up fine cuisine but also at the art of hosting a gathering. Your friends and neighbors (and their tastebuds) will be thankful for it.

How To Become a Backyard Barbecue Master


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