The Delicious Benefits of Cooking With Wood

The Delicious Benefits of Cooking With Wood

Are you looking for a different cooking alternative to how you usually prepare meals? There are many delicious benefits of cooking with wood that you might not know about. From rich, intense flavors to cooking more tender meat, take a look at the advantages below—you’ll soon be wondering why you never tried this method before!

Bring On the Flavor

With cooking wood comes unique smokey flavors you can incorporate into your meats. ButlerWood has a variety of woods to choose from—post oak, mesquite, hickory, pecan, apple, and cherry! Take your grilling and barbequing game up a notch by packing a ton of flavor into your foods that will have your mouth watering!

Preserve Your Food Longer

When you use a BBQ smoker to prepare meats and other foods, this can actually preserve the food for a longer time. This is because the smoking method significantly reduces the moisture in your meat and minimizes the bacteria it can grow. Not only are you fusing your food with a flavorful punch, but you’re preserving it so you can enjoy the meat for much longer.

Reduce Fat Content

Frying your meat can cause more fat to accumulate on the food because it’s absorbing the oils from the pan. If you were to smoke it with ButlerWood’s cooking firewood for sale, you’re effectively reducing the amount of fat content because the process allows it to drip out of the meat. Enjoy your food without the guilt of eating something high in fat.

More Tender Meat

Do you get frustrated spending the whole day in the kitchen, only for your meat to be grisly and chewy? A delicious benefit of cooking with wood is that it will help you tenderize your meat, creating an excellent meal to sink your teeth into. When the smoke penetrates the meat, it breaks down the muscle and reduces the fat, making it more tender.

Cook Less, Enjoy More

When you smoke your food, you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on the grill or the smoker. Due to the meat cooking indirectly through the heat of the smoke, you don’t need to spend a lot of time constantly checking your food. Simply place the meat in the smoker, close the lid, and step away to let it do its thing! Now you can enjoy more time with your family and cook a delectable meal simultaneously.

If you’ve never attempted this cooking method, you’re definitely missing out! Smoking your meat is very easy to do, and it’s incredibly flavorful to eat. Which cooking wood flavor do you want to try first?