Why Post Oak Is Popular Among Grill Masters

Why Post Oak Is Popular Among Grill Masters

Are you experimenting with smoking meat instead of grilling it? Have you ever tried post oak? Post oak is popular among pit masters for several reasons. Keep reading to learn what post oak is, the history of this smoking wood, and why it is so great for cooking and smoking foods.

What Is Post Oak?

Post oak, also known as Quercus stellata, is a North American species of oak tree under the umbrella of white oaks. This tree is very slow-growing and can flourish in poor, sandy soil conditions. Plus, it’s resistant to rot. The most significant identifying factor for this tree is its leaves and the yellow fuzz they develop on their underside.

The History of Post Oak

Post oak is synonymous with central Texas and first got its name from cattle ranchers in the 1800s. Because this type of wood is extremely strong, durable, and resistant to decay, it worked perfectly to build cattle fence posts. However, Texans quickly realized they could also use this wood for cooking and building fires.

Post oak smoking wood is a Texan barbeque delicacy and was originally made famous in Lockhart, Texas. This is where grill connoisseurs and BBQ fanatics learned the secret of smoking meat with this species of wood, and it then spread across the country. Recently, barbeque professional Aaron Franklin reinvented the popularity of this smoking wood by using it in several recipes.

Cooking & Smoking with Post Oak

When you use post oak in your pit or offset smoker, it provides a very high heat that is consistent throughout the cooking process. It also adds a clean, smokey flavor to your meats that is stronger than apple wood yet lighter than hickory. This wood species needs to be green and living when it’s cut down to maintain the natural moisture content. However, it also needs to be aged to burn correctly.

Post oak is popular among pit masters because it’s a go-to smoking wood that works for just about every type of food and meat. Now that you know more about post oak, why not try it for the next meat you smoke? ButlerWood sells quality smoking wood that can turn your barbeque into a tasty feast. Purchase your post oak smoking wood from us to stock up on your supplies and get to smoking!