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we offer various wood types

POST OAK (Seasoned &Dry): Top Quality Wood for Smoking Meats. 

MESQUITE (Green & Dry)Perfect for Southwest Grilling Applications

HICKORY (Green & Dry): Flavorful Hardwood for Spectacular BBQ

PECAN (Green & Dry): Sweet hardwood delivery a mild flavor

DOUBLE SPLIT WOOD: Smaller Pieces for Pizza Ovens
or Smaller Fire Boxes

QUEBRACHO:  Argentinian wood perfect for southwest foods. 

delivery method
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ButlerWood Rack

We use a mechanized delivery system, allowing us to deliver to your place of business quickly and cleanly. We deliver the Racks of wood directly to your location, which can hold up to 36 cubic feet of product. We can also deliver pallets, instead of racks, at your request.


We will periodically call you to obtain an approximation of the amount of remaining wood on site so we can calculate your usage, or ‘burn rate.’ This allows us to ensure no customer will run out of wood.

How We Deliver

We deliver during off peak hours only.  Our proprietary delivery method allows us to drop full racks of wood and pick up the empty racks for quick and clean delivery.  Depending on your set up and location, we will deliver either via semi truck or truck and Gooseneck trailer. 


We accurately determine a burn rate of your restaurant and schedule deliveries well in advance of running you out of wood. As a leading supplier of large chain restaurants we can assure consistent wood product across all locations, removing the need to worry about your wood supply. 

Areas ServiceD


Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Seguin, and more.


Oklahoma City


Las Vegas


Denver, Colorado Springs, Greeley

New mexico

Albuquerque, Las Cruces