We proudly offer and deliver firewood for restaurants!

We at ButlerWood know that a great kitchen is not complete without the perfect restaurant-grade cooking wood. That's why we offer delivery of premium commercial cooking wood to a vast network of restaurants across the nation. Inhouse trucking and logistics means we can arrange delivery of logs or split restaurant-grade cooking wood to your restaurant quickly and easily. Let us help you get the perfect firewood for your restaurant and make cooking that much easier!

Post Oak Premium cookwood, Butlerwood Premium cookwood Post Oak Rack, butlerwood oak cookwood

Post Oak

Post Oak is a versatile cook wood that offers a delicate smokey taste to any dish while not being too powerful or overwhelming. It is an appropriate choice for red meat, pork, chicken, and vegetables of all kinds. Oak is environmentally friendly- it takes up very little space, burns slowly, and produces little ash. So if you're looking for a wood that can bring out the flavors in your cuisine, oak is a great option for both restaurants and personal consumer use.

Mesquite Premium cookwood, Butlerwood Premium cookwood Mesquite Rack, butlerwood mesquite cookwood


Mesquite cookwood is the main event of Texas. This wood has an abundance of flavor, in addition to a whole lot of warm and long-lasting coaling qualities. It is perfect for barbeque and open flame grilling, and its high burning rate makes it ideal for cooking over an open flame. Not only is this wood the best choice for cooking over an open flame, but it is also one of the most popular choices for smoking food.

Hickory Premium cookwood, Butlerwood Premium cookwood Hickory Rack, butlerwood hickory cookwood


Why settle for any other smoking wood when you can enjoy the deliciousness of Hickory? Hickory cook wood is a premium smoking wood that has been praised by chefs for its distinctive crackling and strong flavor. Smoking Hickory quickly develops a strong smoke aroma, which is perfect for creating a delicious and aromatic barbecue. Whether you're smoking ribs, brisket, chicken, or any other meat, Hickory cook wood is the perfect firewood for restaurants because it adds that unique flavor and aroma to your dish.

Hickory Premium cookwood, Butlerwood Premium cookwood Hickory Rack, butlerwood hickory cookwood


Cherry is a delicious fruit, and its wood is just as delicious! Cherry wood cookwood is a popular wood for grilling and smoking because it imparts a delicious aroma and a sweet flavor. Cherry pairs nicely with almost anything, making it an excellent fruit wood for skewering and grilling. Additionally, cherrywood is a great choice for smokers because of its ability to impart a rich, mellow flavor in your meats. Whether you're cooking up some burgers or smoking some ribs, cherrywood is an excellent choice for the grill!

Pecan Premium cookwood, Butlerwood Premium cookwood Pecan Rack, butlerwood Pecan cookwood


Pecan cookwood is a type of wood that is made from pecans that have been treated with alder bark and mineral oil. This combination gives the wood a smokey taste that is close to hickory without the overbearing, effective taste. This wood is perfect for grilling because it has a low sugar content, making it less likely to cause flare-ups. Additionally, because Pecan cookwood burns slowly, it is perfect for cooking delicate foods such as seafood or poultry.

Post Oak Premium cookwood, Butlerwood Premium cookwood Post Oak Rack, butlerwood oak cookwood


Apple imparts a sweet, apple-smoked flavor to your food and is a popular choice when cooking pork, poultry, and lamb. Our apple wood will burn with a consistent flame, delivering delicious flavor throughout the duration of your cook. Applewood is a very popular cookwood because of its ability to produce delicious, flavorful food.


Our delivery method is customized for businesses that need their products delivered quickly and neatly. We employ an efficient distribution method that allows us to deliver products fast and efficiently to your business. We deliver using a semi-truck and we will bring you metal BW racks stacked with wood, and will pick up any empty racks at your location. Our wood racks, which can contain up to 36 cubic feet of wood, are delivered straight to your back dock. We also offer free consultation to ensure that we provide you with the right delivery method for your needs.

We deliver during non-peak hours. For speedy and clean delivery, we use a proprietary delivery mechanism that allows us to drop full racks of wood and pick up empty racks. We transport via semi truck, depending on your setup and location.

We precisely calculate your restaurants burn rate and automatically arrange delivery in advance without the need to call to order. As commercial firewood suppliers, we ensure consistent wood products across all locations—whether it be anywhere inside or out of the United States.

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ButlerWood is excited to be working with you. We know that moving large quantities of cookwood can be a challenging task, and we are confident that our team of professionals will be able to handle everything with ease. We currently service every state in the US and can arrange for out of country shipping. We look forward to working with and helping you as the most sustainable commercial firewood supplier in the state of Texas.


ButlerWood is located in Central Texas - allowing us to source the best wood from the best regions, and efficiently deliver it to your place of business in a timely manner.  We  focus on your Burn Rate so that you never run out of wood.

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